CBT for weight management, body image concerns and habit changes

A weight management course that really works.

  • Do you self-sabotage every time you want to change habits?
  • Have tried weight management before. Did you managed to lose weight in the past only to have it all creep back on again?
  • Do you know what to eat and what not to eat, but you find it really hard to stick to it?
  • Do you binge eat and don’t know how to stop it?

This constant cycle of weight loss and weight gain is difficult and frustrating and can leave you feeling helpless, unhappy, and with very low self-esteem.

Diets don’t work in the long run. They are harmful and can lead to eating disorders, low-self-esteem and mental health issues.

Evidence based approach

CBT is a clinical psychological approach to help you make habit changes and stop that inner voice that keeps sabotaging your best efforts to make healthy lifestyle changes.

There are 3 phases of the weight management programme to help you make lasting habit changes, improve your self-belief and help you overcome disordered eating

Phase 1 - Preparing for success

In our first session of the weight management course I will ask you to complete some questionnaires to help us tailor the programme to your needs. During the first phase, you will get to understand how your mind has been sabotaging you at each and every weight loss attempt. In Phase one we will look at your current food intake and you will get a healthy nutrition plan that does not exclude any food groups and will help you to stop cravings and keep you satisfied. The nutrition plan has been put together by nutritional therapists to ensure your meals are healthy and nutritious. We will look at how you can set up your home and work to prepare you for success.

Phase 2 - Creating healthy & sustainable habits

You don’t need willpower to manage to create healthy habits and overcome disordered eating. You need skill power. In the second phase, you will be working on creating healthy sustainable habits.
You will begin to understand what your emotions and triggers are that lead you to overeat and how to overcome those triggers. Creating habits is a skill and takes time as you are creating new pathways in your brain. The second phase is all about supporting you as you create healthy habits and learn to stop that inner voice that keeps sabotaging you.

Phase 3 - Maintenance skills

During this last phase, you will be supported and given the tools to help you maintain your new habits. Once you have learned the tools on the programme you cannot unlearn them.
They will stay with you forever and will help you lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

At the end of the programme you will have your own personal roadmap to maintain your new healthy habits and end disordered eating.

Empower yourself with life skills to make lasting changes for your health & your life.

How is the Mind over Body Weight Management Programme different?

Most diets focus on what to eat and what not to eat. The Mind over Body Weight Management programme is not a diet. Instead the programme will provide you with healthy nutritional guidelines that don’t require you to count calories or weigh your food. In addition, you will also learn to understand what has been holding you back and address your triggers and sabotaging thoughts.

Most people struggle to implement healthy habits and unlearn unhealthy ones. After completing the programme you will know how to overcome your triggers to reach your goals, and how to maintain motivation long term.

The use of behaviour change techniques makes the programme unique, as you will learn tools for life helping you change habits and create new ones.

Take charge of your life now and don’t wait for the “right” moment. The time is now to begin your journey to a healthy life, now and in the future!

Programme Options

Self-directed online course

The Self-directed course gives you the psychological tools to help you stay motivated and stick to your weight loss plan. Do this course from your home at your own pace. Each module has videos of Susi coaching you to learn how you can overcome unhealthy habits, create new healthy ones and learn how your mind can be trained to stop that inner voice that keeps stopping you from achieving your health and weight goals.

The course also included your nutritional guidelines, worksheet, and motivational material.

Join from anywhere in the world.

Cost: €95
1 to 1 in my clinic or via zoom

1 to 1 weekly private coaching sessions with clinical director Susi Lodola, either in person or via Skype/zoom.

Susi works with her clients confidentially to help them overcome emotional eating, disordered eating, and self-sabotage.

During the programme you will be supported to change habits and create new healthy habits. You will learn how you can nourish yourself to eliminate cravings, and understand how your mind can be trained to overcome self-sabotage.

International program – you can join from anywhere in the world.

Cost: €640
Maintenance programme

After completing the 8-week programme you can avail of further 1 to 1 support.
All your newly learned skills from the programme will have made a huge impact on how you relate to food. However, to achieve long-term change it is important to keep applying them. Susi will support you and will keep you accountable to continue with your healthy habits. Ongoing support is an important element to the successful maintenance of your new habits and lifestyle.
The support sessions are 30 minutes and you can purchase blocks of 5 sessions.
Sessions can take place online and you can schedule them as and when you need support.

Cost: €190
What the programme will do for you
Skills you will walk away with:
Meet the Founder -
Susi Lodola

I went through most of my life trying out the latest diets and exercise regimes which promised to help me lose weight.

I counted calories, points and syns, I cut out whole food groups, detoxed and drank shakes. I did lose weight on most of those plans, but I found it difficult to sustain and very soon the weight came back on, and then some more on top of it.

The thing is, I knew exactly what I should eat and what I shouldn’t it. Most of what I ate was healthy, home-cooked food. However, I was an emotional eater, and I found that is the case with most people who come to see me for weight management.

Often emotional eating is the root cause of overeating and my training as a therapist and qualifications in CBT allow me to coach my clients to help them work through various problems such as anxiety, low self-esteem, relationship issues, and other emotional issues leading to overeating.

During my studies in Psychology, Psychotherapy and a Master in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy & Motivational Interviewing, I learned how Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) has been researched in weight loss and maintenance. It has been shown in hundreds of studies to be the crucial element to help people stick with a healthy food plan and change behaviours and thought patterns. Once I started applying the principles of CBT to myself, I started to lose weight without having to “diet” or count points, calories or syns. I learned how to change habits and understand and change my thought patterns that kept me in the diet loop.

The amazing thing was that not only did CBT help me achieve a healthy weight, it also has given me life skills to help me deal with difficult events in my life. This is probably one of the most important factors. Very often when you lose weight and encounter a difficult or traumatic life situation, old behaviours get triggered in order to get comfort from difficult emotions. However, applying  CBT and understanding the mind – body connection helps to deal with emotions other than eating to soothe those feelings.

Research-Based Approach

It is important to me, to continually update my skills in light of expanding knowledge about human development and psychological well-being.

In October 2018 I attended a 2-day workshop at the Beck Institute in Philadelphia where I updated my skill in CBT for weight loss with the most eminent expert in the field, Dr. Judith Beck. The Beck Institute is the home of CBT and Dr. Aaron Beck was one of the founders of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

In this workshop, I learned the latest evidence-based strategies aimed at modifying my clients’ thinking and behavior so they can make permanent changes in their eating and lose weight.

I also completed a Masters in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, and my research study and dissertation was based on applying CBT for weight loss.

I create a safe and non-judgemental environment in line with the ethics and standards of the Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP).

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