Susi is a regular contributor to articles in the Irish Media

Susi is dedicated to removing the stigma that is still associated with seeing a therapist. She has been actively involved in various media outlets, contributing articles and making appearances on Irish TV to shed light on mental health issues and promote the normalisation of therapy.

One of the most powerful tools in dismantling the stigma surrounding mental health is education. By sharing her expertise and personal experiences through media outlets, she has had the opportunity to reach a wide audience and provide accurate information about various mental health conditions. Through informative articles, she has been able to address common misconceptions, debunk myths, and emphasize the effectiveness of therapy in treating mental health  concerns. 

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Speaking on Ireland AM about dealing with “fussy eaters”

It can be frustrating for parents and care givers when a child doesn’t eat or avoids some food groups altogether. You can read some more on the topic in one of my blog posts.

Tips for fussy eaters

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Speaking on Ireland AM about Post Natal Depression

Post Natal Depression often goes diagnosed. Speaking about the topic will help raise awareness and will help to normalise it and help to remove any stigma associated with it. Many new Mums or Dads may feel guilty about feeling low after a Baby is born and therefore do not speak up and seek help. Counselling is very effective in helping people overcome PND and the sooner it is addressed the better the outcome.

Some of the articles in the media
The Journal, Back-to-school anxiety is real for many pupils this week – here’s how you can help, Susi Lodola
A Lust for Life, Overcoming the effects of “social distancing” and “self isolation”, Susi Lodola
Social media’s ‘good food’ trap: ‘Being healthy is good. A fixation with being healthy is not’, Geraldine Walsh
Back to school: Everything you need to know, Jen Hogan
How we view stay-at-home dads needs to change, Geraldine Walsh
Can I tell my wife her pandemic weight gain is impacting our sex life without hurting her?
Teach girls to box. Send boys to gymnastics, Geraldine Walsh
What happens when fathers suffer postnatal depression?, Geraldine Walsh
‘I am convinced I will be caught out as a fraud and don’t deserve my accomplishments’, Geraldine Walsh
Coping with the after-school meltdown, Geraldine Walsh
Pulling Generation Z back from the online world
Do you get angry a lot? It can be a useful emotion, Geraldine Walsh
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