CBT for weight management – self-directed

This course will give you the tools to overcome yo-yo dieting by applying the latest psychological tools based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). CBT is the most researched and evidence-based method which will transform how you approach weight management.

Each week you will cover a new topic which will change the way you relate to food, and at the end of this course , you will walk away your own personalised road map to healthy habits and a healthy mind.

The programme was developed by Susi Lodola, MSc, CBT Therapist, who is accredited with the IACP and a graduate member of the Psychological Society of Ireland. In addition to her studies in Psychology from UCD and Psychotherapy at IICP, Susi attended a workshop at the Beck Institute in Philadelphia to deepen her knowledge of applying CBT specifically to weight management.


The Mind Over Body Weight Management Programme is an all-encompassing programme that will do much more for you than simply help you manage your weight.

This self-help course consists of modules that are made up of videos, worksheets and educational material, that will make it easy and enjoyable and keep you engaged.

You work your way through the course at your own pace because each module will give you the psychological tools to help you re-wire your mind to help you stick to a healthy diet.

Learning Cognitive Behavioural (CBT) skills will rewire your brain and help you lose the desire to overeat because it will help you to stop that inner voice that keeps sabotaging your weight management efforts every time.


CBT will make changes to your inner voice and help you create healthy habits which will give you:

  • Greater confidence in your ability to achieve your goal.
  • Better sleep as your mind becomes more positive and at ease
  • Greater energy
  • Decreased stress and a calmer mind
  • An improved body image as you recognise the positive changes you are making
  • An improved vitality as your energy increases and positivity takes over
  • A positive change in your habits concerning food
  • Put an end to emotional eating and have healed your relationship with food
  • Put an end to yo-yo dieting and rewired your mind
  • No more self-sabotaging thoughts negatively affecting your weight loss efforts.
  • You have put an end to the inner voice which stopped you in the past
  • The ability to sustain weight loss



You will learn an abundance of new skills which you will bring into every aspect of your daily life.

You will learn to:

  • Retrain your mindset to replace unhelpful, sabotaging thinking
  • Transform your sabotaging thoughts into positive energy and thought patterns
  • Nourish yourself in a way to eliminate food cravings
  • Recognise emotional eating and know how to change it
  • Get back on track and not feel guilty, after making unhealthy food or drink choices
  • How mindful eating will help you feel fuller and more satisfied
  • Keep yourself motivated and on target
  • To plan for holidays, nights out and special occasions without jeopardising your plan
  • How to understand the difference between hunger and cravings

With this course, you will find the skills to make long-lasting changes to your habits and beliefs which will enable you to successfully lose weight and keep it off.

CBT for weight management is scientifically researched and has been shown to be the most important component in any weight management programme. The Mind Over Body Weight Management Programme gives you the skills to overcome emotional eating, deal with triggers and cravings, and help you change your relationship with food.


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