Our fees

Our therapists are available for appointments 7 days a week between 8am – 10pm.

General information you might find helpful:

  1. The number of sessions required are difficult to predict, however on average six sessions are required to give therapy a chance to work and experience the benefits. After 6 session we usually conduct a review and we can decide if any more sessions are required.
  2. In the normal course of events, you will probably know when you are ready to finish therapy. Once you feel that your issues have been resolved and that you are coming to the end of your therapy, discuss this with your therapist and arrange for a final session to close therapy, rather than abruptly end your therapy. This is important to help you consolidate all the changes you have made, and all the newfound insights you have gained.
  3. Sometimes sudden events, such as emergencies happen that may make it necessary for you to cancel your appointment last minute. On these occasions it is at the therapist’s discretion if a fee will be charged.  In general, however, if you fail to give less than 24 hours’ notice of your intention to cancel or postpone an agreed therapy session or if there is a repeat pattern of cancellations, we reserve the right to charge in full for that session.
  4. Confidentiality will be maintained within the codes of ethics and legal requirements. Everything talked about during therapy and therapist’s notes are confidential. However, there are exceptions. Confidentiality does not apply where it would mean that we, as therapist, might break the law or when withholding information means we would breach the codes of ethics. Confidentiality may be breached if we consider there is a risk you may harm yourself or others. In such exceptional circumstances, where there is concern for your well-being or that of others, it may be necessary to seek help outside the therapeutic relationship. In such an event where your therapist might be considering breaching confidentiality, you will normally be consulted first and informed of the necessary steps which have to be taken, and such steps will be made collaboratively.