All or nothing

All or nothing

All or Nothing - Blog Post - Susi Lodola Counselling


You want to lose weight and want to get fit, but are you the kind of person that is waiting for the right time to start an exercise program or is waiting for the right time to lose weight?

” I’ll wait till after Christmas”

” I’m going on holidays next month, I’ll wait until I get back”

” There is too much stress in work – I can’t focus on myself right now”

Do those thoughts sound familiar? How often have you had them in the past? Have they ever helped you in getting fit and lose weight?

You may never find the right time to start, and what is stopping you could be the “all or nothing” thinking. You think that you want to give a new approach to a healthy lifestyle 100%, or why bother starting.

That kind of “all or nothing” thinking can be replaced with more helpful thoughts.

Such as:

” Christmas is coming / I’m going on holidays next month and I want to start healthy eating habits and exercising now because I know I will feel better about myself”.

“Starting exercising and eating healthy now will help me deal with stress in work”.

The fact is that you don’t have to stick to a new fitness and nutrition plan 100% all of the time in order to be successful. Making small behaviour changes around food and exercise at a time will help you achieve your goals and give you long term success.

By switching from “all or nothing” thinking to more helpful thinking, you will give yourself permission to approach a new program and think ” I’ll do the best I can do today – whether that is giving it 100% or 50% – but it is good enough and will bring me a step closer to achieve my goals.


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