Retrain your mind to lose weight for the last time!


  • overcome self-sabotage

  • overcome triggers & cravings

  • work through and put a stop to emotional eating

  • build your confidence that you can achieve permanant weight loss

  • retrain your mindset to keep you motivated

The course is built around


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Neuro Science

Nutrition Guidance

  • Included in the programme:

  • Nutritional Guidelines to a healthy weight loss

  • Kickstart recipes/mealplan/batch cooking and recipes

  • Videos to support you

  • Worksheets to retrain your mindset

  • Access to Mind over Body App – the programme in your pocket

  • Personal roadmap to maintaining your new healthy lifestyle

Once you have purchased the course you have immediate access to the course, which will take you step by step through each module.

Each course module consists of videos, worksheets and reading materials which will guide you and help you make changes to your mindset.

Topics include:

  • How and why you sabotage yourself
  • Why you don’t need willpower to lose weight
  • Nourishing yourself to eliminate food cravings
  • How you can successfully change habits
  • How you can eat Mindfully and how mindfulness can help you lose weight
  • How you can stop your sabotaging thoughts
  • Identifying your triggers
  • How you can overcome emotional eating
  • Understanding hunger/desire/cravings
  • How you can keep motivated
  • Planning for your future and maintain your success

All for only € 145

You can put an end to self-sabotage!

Mind Over Body is a weight loss programme with an important difference. A fit and healthy body needs a fit and healthy mind. This is where Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) plays a role in our weight loss journey. Mind Over Body is based on CBT principles which will provide you with an important and permanent set of tools to change the way you think and the way you behave around food. It is literally focusing on our mind, over our body, to garner the results we are looking for.

After all, what are we without our minds? Our minds are strong and determined but unfortunately, they can also be fragile without the proper nurturing. Our thought patterns can become a hinderance to our weight loss plans. No matter how strong we feel at the beginning, we need to remember, when it comes to changing our attitudes and behaviours, our minds can be a little stubborn. Breaking out of poor patterns which don’t help, and unpromising patterns we often don’t recognise, can create a block on this journey which requires us to understand the whys, the how’s and the fundamental reasons of our weight gain and loss. Which is why, focusing our mindset will keep us motivated and successful in the long term.


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