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Welcome to the MIND OVER BODY WEIGHT MANAGEMENT online programme!

Weight loss is complex, and research tells us that eating healthy and exercising is not enough to successfully lose weight and keep it off. In order to achieve your weight loss goals, you must address that inner voice that keeps sabotaging your best efforts to lose weight. We have deep-rooted emotional associations with eating, and these have a huge impact on how and what we eat.

to effectively lose weight and maintain our new weight, we must train our mind to change our relationship with food. Learning these long-lasting and positive behaviour changes, which we will eventually effortlessly implement in our everyday life, will keep us driven on this weight loss journey. Sounds easy, but then I wouldn’t be sharing the Mind Over Body programme with you if it was. Changing our mindset to learn new skills, needs guidance and understanding, all of which you will find in this programme.

Changing our behaviour, especially the long-term, typical patterns of our daily lives, takes practice. Mind Over Body is here to support you throughout your weight loss journey, to teach you these skills and help you make the changes needed to not only lose weight but also build a healthier lifestyle.

The tools within this programme are for life. It is a change of attitude which will encourage you to apply these skills consistently. This will enable you to uphold a healthy weight, a healthy attitude toward food and a healthier lifestyle by focusing on your mind over your body.

Enjoy the programme and the changes you are about to make!

If you need a little support, you can book a 1-to-1 session with me which we will do over skype/zoom.

Good luck and enjoy!