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What is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy?

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy  or CBT is an active, solution focused, goal-oriented method aiming to solve problems by focusing on the present without necessarily revisiting the past. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy involves the use of well-researched tools and techniques that help you understand how your values, beliefs and thought patterns underly your emotions. With the help of CBT you can achieve new life skills that will enable you to overcome a variety of emotional difficulties. and help you figure out what you most want from life.

CBT is considered to be ‘gold standard’ therapy and is endorsed by the World Health Organisation, the National Institute of Mental Health, and Psychological associations all over the world.

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What you can expect from a CBT session

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy sessions are structured and are focused on giving you tools to overcome your emotional difficulties and help you achieve your goals. A session lasts about 50 minutes and are designed to be collaborative and goal oriented.

Your first session focuses mainly on assessing your situation and you we discuss the difficulties you are facing and what you hope to get out of therapy. I will be asking you questions about your life and what brought you to therapy and if you have any previous experience of counselling. This will help me to develop a treatment plan for you, which I will share with you and we use as a template for our work together.

In between sessions there are often tasks for you to carry out that will help reinforce the techniques discussed during your session. This could be a worksheet helping you identify thoughts and behaviours that lead to difficult emotions, or it could be a specific task helping you to achieve your goals. We will plan and discuss them during our session and they will be tailored to your specific requirement.

Length of therapy

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is considered to be short-term therapy and generally speaking it is best to give it 6 sessions for therapy to take effect. After 6 session we will reassess if you would like more sessions and in order to help us see how you progress, you have the opportunity to take a short assessment before each session that will show us how you are improving in your overall well-being.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is a therapy that Works for...

CBT is therapy that gives you life skills for...

What makes CBT so popular?

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy  is so well-known and widely used because it has been studied extensively in over 2000 studies worldwide. It has been established as a treatment that works not only for a variety of mental health issues, but also for an effective approach to life coaching and helping you to get the most out of life.

Treatment is not focused on the past and is instead focused on the here and now and what is causing you concerns at the moment. CBT is goal and solution-oriented and the aim is to produce clear, measurable changes in how you feel and how you are progressing towards your goals.

CBT is also a form of therapy that can be combined with other therapeutic approaches when required, such as Mindfulness.

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